Creating Value with you

  • JetVentures is a strategic early stage fund that invests in Founders driven to create meaning with products that capture the imagination. We typically invest in Startups that touch the daily lives of users – be it Lifestyle, Entertainment, Convenience, Health or  Employment. The Fund uses a different model to traditional Venture Capital – Our limited partners (called Corporate Venture Partners) are primarily Companies that focus on specific industries and geographic markets).

  • They provide more than just capital to JetVentures to invest in startups. Instead they form an integral part of the process of driving disproportionate value to the ecosystem – most investments made by JetVentures are deeply strategic to them, often dovetailing into a specific market opportunity or roadmap item, thus creating distribution and often revenue opportunities for the startup.

What we look for

  • We love Founders and startups that are in the early stages of their journey to create meaning in this world and we love getting as involved as is genuinely helpful and staying in the backdrop when most effective.
    But we'll often invest cross-stage when we find strategic fits that especially leverage the strategic value we can  bring.

  • While we invest in great Founders, Startups that have the ability to touch the daily lives of a billion mobile users in the world's fastest growing market are particularly exciting to us, because we can help bring you the significant power of our Corporate Investors knowledge, policy influence, infrastructure and distrubution to access millions of newly empowered mobile users in new markets like India.

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